Steven MakoiMembership Services


Benefits of Membership

TCCIA Manyara members receive many benefits, including:

  • Discussion, lobbying and advocacy
  • Business news
  • Exploration of partnerships
  • Training and conferences
  • Certificates of origin
  • Formalization of business
  • Business advice
  • Sectoral analysis and database
  • General training in entrepreneurship
  • Training with VICOBA
  • Secretarial services


Lobbying and Advocacy

TCCIA is the chief spokesman for the business community nationwide. It provides influence to the government, through media and institutions both local and international, to advocate for the business community in Tanzania. Lobbying is conducted at national level, regional or district level depending on the type of issue mom.  The TCCIA is the only organization representing all persons engaged in business, older and younger. 


Business Information Services

TCCIA has business information centres in all regional chambers with headquarters in Dar es Salaam. You can access books that contain the names and addresses of many business information services, places and products that you may need to support your business. There are brochures, newsletters and various publications about importing and exporting products. TCCIA member businesses receive many requests from all over the world from companies seeking customers or suppliers, who send their inquiries to TCCIA because of the reliability of the TCCIA network.



Members can search for business partners in the database, locally and internationally, including the database compass (Kompass Database.  The database consists of a description of 1.8 million companies from 75 countries, and also includes the names and trademarks of 704 000 companies and the names of chief executives.  Promotion and Advertising of BusinessTCCIA provides an opportunity for its members to advertise their products at trade shows regularly in and out of the country.  Chamber members also send and receive business messages from various countries. This enables a member of the Chamber to meet with international partners and expand their commercial potential.


Training and Conferences

TCCIA analyzes the needs of the business community and offers strategic planning.  The Chamber provides training and conducts workshops for its members on business skills, taxation, sales, marketing and how to search for business information. It also provides training in business technology and accounting.


Certificate of Origin

TCCIA is the largest organization established for helping the private sector and is the only one allowed to issue certificates in Tanzania for origin.  We offer seven types:  Inatoa certificates. Certificates of international trade (ICC), COMESA. SADC, SACU-MTZ, EURI, AGOA and GSP.



TCCIA is an affiliate member of many organizations within and outside the country, as well as EAC, SADC, COMESA and the ICC.  TCCIA is a member of the Chamber of Africa and beyond that has many cooperative agreements that  put the TCCIA on the map of world trade.


Business Advice

TCCIA has staff that give advice on matters of trade, industry and agriculture. Analysis of industryTCCIA conducts an analysis using its widespread network throughout the country and then we create a database for each sector. There is also a database of other organizations that help SME's and stakeholders of derivative products and services.



Representing the interests of commerce, industry and agriculture. Achieving trade within and outside Tanzania. Protect and promote the business on the basis of the principles and rules set by the government. Cooperating with the government in obtaining the required frames will bring benefits to both sides. TCCIA is the only business sector association representing business interests in the country of Tanzania.   


Secretarial Services

At the TCCIA Manyara and District offices, you will have access to the following services:

  • access to the internet in a chamber office at the regional and district branches
  • assistance with writing letters and typing
  • photocopying and document binding
  • telephone, fax and email services
  • graphic services on the computer
  • assistance preparing business cards
  • letterhead and use of the TCCIA logo
  • promotional services on the TCCIA Manyara website