Shabani Ramadhani


Shabani Ramadhani is the Chairperson of Social Vision Group, an agricultural co-operative located in Manyara Region.

Location:  Babati, Manyara, Tanzania

Telephone:  071-230-6840


Business Information:

The Social Vision Group is a five-member agricultural co-operative that specializes in producing high quality seedlings and vegetable crops for household consumers.  Shabani Ramadhani is the chairperson of the group.  Currently, they are cultivating approxiately one 1/2 acre of crops, including tomatoes, peppers, Chinese spinach greens, mchichi and onions.   Mr. Shabani would like to expand the seedling side of the business, as they are producing ready-to-plant seedlings for their own operations and have the capacity to expand to sell to other farms.

According to Mr. Shabani, being a TCCIA Manyara memer has been important because of the support services available to market his product.  His membership has connected him with other producers which wil be beneficial in the expansion of his seedlings business. 







Shabani Ramadhani












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