Muhammad A. Bajwa


Muhammad Bajwa is the Managing Director of Bajwa Farmers and Traders, Inc

Location:  P.O. Box 493, Babati, Manyara, Tanzania

Telephone:  +255-784-392520  /  255-753-353562

Fax:  255-27-2530559


Business Information:

Mr. Bajwa has been in business in Tanzania for over 25 years, in the area of seed distribution (sunflower and pidgeon peas) and sunflower oil mill production. He provides employment to many other businesses in the area of agriculture, transportation and packaging, as well as employing local production labour.  Bajwa Farmers and Traders, Inc. exports seeds and products locally, nationally and internationally.

Bajwa Farmers and Traders, Inc. produces 450 litres of pure organic sunflower oil per day at its facility in Babati, Manyara Region.  Byproducts of the operation are shipped to Arusha for recycling into chicken and livestock feed. 

Mr. Bajwa is the Vice-Chairman of the Business committee for the TCCIA Manyara region. He recognizes the importance of the TCCIA Manyara Region as the centre of business representation and information.  Specifically, TCCIA Manyara helps to provide database information to grow business opportunities, and directs inquiries to members to help them grow their success and profitability.








Muhammad Bajwa

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