Hilda Nyidile


Hilda is the proprietor of Acky Duka La Dawa Muhimu and Acky Products.

Location:  Biashara yangu iko Mtaa Negamisi Block X


Member Statement:

I have been a member of TCCIA Manyara for three years now.  I started my business with help of TCCIA Manyara when I organized training in conjunction with the company's Zebra Promotion, and when I learned to make soap products, nuts and eggs with products like honey.

I personally decided to develop and manufacture various products and decided to focus on developing drugs, and soap pads, water, nuts and eggs and honey.   I make my own products in a hygienic environment and ensure the quality of my products.

Right now I am in the process of registering my products. In one month I'm able to make 40 litres of cleaning detergent.  At the beginning I used to make a liquid soap, but the market indicated that prescription pads are highly sought after so I focused on prescription pads from the requirements of the market.

Some of my challenges: 

The market is not the problem.  The problem is the transport and distribtion of goods and the availability of raw materials in manufacturing. Another problem is that I'm out of town so it becomes difficult for people to know the products I have made. 

Being a member TCCIA has been good for me for the following reasons:     

  1. registration of my trade name.
  2. training about the preservation of business records so that I know if I have a profit or loss.
  3. training about the manufacture of product



Hilda at store

Hilda & Ramadhan