The Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) was established in 1988 with the support of the Tanzanian government, with a goal to support regional economies and the development of a diverse mixed private sector enterprises and farms.  The TCCIA established 21 regional offices and each region is autonomous in its operational activities. 

Our GOAL is "being a leading institution for the best commercial environment for its members in Manyara Region".

 At the TCCIA Regional Office, we are here to help you grow and develop your business and your professional skills.   We have a Board of Directors to help guide our work to meet the needs of our diverse membership.

The MISSION of TCCIA Manyara is:

"Creating a strong network of institutions owned by members to provide business information, entrepreneurship training, and advocacy in order to facilitate a better environment and sustainable business".



Message From Chairman




Manyara region is one of Tanzania’s 30 administration region. The regular capital city is the town of Babati. It is made up by 5 district namely, Babati, Mbulu, Simanjiro, Kiteto and Hanang’. TCCIA Manyara region was established in 2004 by 96 members. Currently TCCIA Manyara has more than 1000 members. TCCIA Manyara its headquarters are in Babati. Before that members were serviced by TCCIA Arusha before the partition of new region of Manyara by the year 2002 from Arusha region.  

History of the Chamber

TCCIA Manyara is an organ to unite business community in the region body. It is committed to continuous transformation, development advising promotion of business relationships within business community together with the government this will be accomplished through, setting high quality standard for business ethics, promote coordinate and protect economic business interest in various sectors of economy mainly, industry, commerce & agriculture so as to collect and disseminate business and overall economic information.

Special appreciation is extended to TRIAS Tanzania for continuous support in fulfillments of TCCIA’S activities, management and members for their commendable efforts that have enabled the Board to meet their objectivities. Other appreciation goes to Word University Service of Canada (WUSCA) through UNITERRA program for sponsoring the launch of this website.

Other appreciation goes to partner TCCCIA MANYARA work with namely TCCIA Arusha, MVIWATA Manyara, FIDE, MACSNET and SIDO Manyara

Thank you

Welcome to TCCIA Manyara

TCCIA Manyara Chairperson.







Welcome message from

Board Chair, Mr. Stanley Mchome.